Since we offer services for both


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Hardware and

Basic Computer Hardware setup (small business)$60/hr
Basic network setup (small business)$60/hr
Basic whole office printer setup (small business)$60/hr
Websites and

ALL websites are hosted on the SJC system

Plus our sites standardly include

Initial hosting setup fee
NO monthly maintenance fee
Responsible and Ethical Billing
We ALWAYS try to keep your costs down as low as possible
Meet your timing requirements. We know how a down site can affect your business
Guaranteed Professional Quality
First month of service agreement(contract)
Domain acquisition and linkage setup (fee for your new domain name applies of course)
To keep the costs down, you can use our services for your website link *

After website is setup, will require a one year contract for maintenance and hosting

Basic creation Starting at $200
Monthly Hosting $50/month
Service Agreement $100/month (for 1 year contract,
higher if month-to-month)
Maintenance (only hourly. Pay for what you use) $20/hr
Professional Photographic Services $60/hr (discounted for our members)
Domain fee $35/yr
Domain Mail setup fee (* Not available for piggyback sites) $20/month
Each email name
after 1st one is $5/month